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Why The Green Choice?



  The Ultimate Change into The Green Option   

The environmental contribution of our products line is perhaps its most important feature. In Autocap we are 100% commited to preserving the environment and we are surely doing our part with the help of our customers.

We all know what happens to plastic once it is disposed and thrown to a landfill site and how long it takes for it to biodegrade, well, one major source of greenhouse gasses (GHG´s) and landfill plastic waste is in the automotive service industry.

Disposable Seat, Steering Wheel, Levers and floor mat covers that repair shops and car dealers use to protect car interiors and exteriors from scratches and stains of grease, oil, fluids in general while they are being serviced is an important source of plastic waste.

Studies say that over 600,000 tons of GHG's are emitted globally into the air every year, just while these disposables are being produced and transported (the more orders, the more deliveries and transportation involved). Every set of car interior disposables equals 9 plastic shopping bags.

Just in North America, more than 80,000 tons (300,000 worldwide) of disposable seat, Steering Wheel, levers and floor mat covers end up in landfills annually after being used just once!,   In addition, approximately 150,000 tons (600,000 worldwide) of greenhouse gases are emitted into the air from factories around the world producing and transporting these ítems every year.

Each  non-disposable protection covers set reduces the greenhouse gas emissions by 3 pounds, and plastic waste by about 2 pounds every 5 times you use it, and you will use some of them around 100 to 200 times. Do the math, after some times thousands of vehicles being serviced every month and the reductions in waste & greenhouse gasses will be huge. Let's say you service 1000 cars a month, you are sending 1.4 tons of plastic waste to a landfill every year along with over 2.6 tons of greenhouse gasses generated to produce and transport those ítems.

All over the world we can see the slow but steady convertion into reusable shopping bags. What about this automotive protection line of disposables? What if this convertion saves you 50% of your cost at the end of the year on top of your environmental contribution?

We all know it´s a “Now or Never” situation for the environment. It is an Autocap´s concern to be part of the solution, but this will only happen if we do it together.
This is a no brainer.

You won't have to think twice after these 5 facts:
• Save Money.
• Huge contribution for the environment.
• Products that work, don´t slide all over the place.
• Much better image for your company and brand.
• A lot less garbage to deal with.

We honestly see no reason why anybody should not go for the final change into the Green Option. AUTOCAP.



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