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Front & Fender Covers


What about the fenders and body parts? It's not only the work clothes, it's the tools, cables, equipment, materials and fluids in plastic or thin containers. Body parts are exposed to all this when in service.

Our non-disposable options and double coated material, cotton like finishing in the backing for a soft contact with the paint and resistant vinyl outside, to protect properly against scratches, stains and dents.

The Autocap Car Grille & Fender Covers also come provided with straps that keep them on the right spot so they won't move around. They are reusable as well, easy to clean and easy to put on and take off.

An improved image for your business with nicer looking protections and your corporate logo or slogan printed on them. More in this case when these items are very visible from the distance in your Service Area.

  - Aluminum color long lasting vinyl material.
- Black color extra thick vinyl for heavier duty.
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