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Our Staff & Facilities
Our Staff & Facilities

  • We are a team of over 100 responsible and motivated teammates.    
  • Our Staff is perfectly qualified and properly trained for each work position.  
  • Our team is composed by enthusiastic and committed professionals, who know what "Team Work" is all about.  
  • Each working area, either in manufacturing or administrative departments has sufficient capacity to face large domestic, export and distribution demand.  
  • We also have a subsidiary facility setup in North Mexico which takes charge of some of our manufacturing processes.  
  • Our customer service oriented team, production and sales staff, guarantee all your requirements and needs are properly fulfilled.  
  • Quality in our company is the name of the game. Here, a completely trained team of professionals makes sure quality happens every step of the way.  


Seat Cover
Steering Wheel Cover
Gear Shifter Cover
Floor Mats
Fenders & Body Covers
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