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Steering Wheel Cover


Same challenge with disposable plastic rolls for the steering wheel. It's another daily garbage problem. You can have your image printed very visibly on our flat-shape style. Donut style for when you need access to buttons on the steering wheel.

The Autocap Steering Wheel Covers are non-disposable and come provided with elastic straps that keep it on the right place and nowhere else. After a work day, you have to deal with more plastic garbage (every day) use extra containers and dispose.

We also have the environmental impact here. We can do our part for the environment, eliminating this waste.

An improved image for your business with nicer looking protections and your corporate logo or slogan printed on our flat-shape style.

  Don't forget the savings with this non-disposable option which replaces your multi-orders of non-reusable items.  
  - Long lasting silver vinyl with polyester plush backing.  
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